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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Bobby, I have a few comments on your list.

- In general I think a GOAT list should just be on achievements, but we are all of course allowed to make our own criteria.

- There is no justification in putting Hoad in the Top 10. He only won 4 amateur majors and 1 pro major, and was overshadowed by Gonzales.

- Nadal should be in the Top 10. He has won 11 majors in the Open Era (at all four venues), is the greatest clay-courter/single surface player of all time, and has dominated Federer.

- I would rank Lendl ahead of Connors, but I admit this is very debatable.

- I will not mention the relative rankings of Rosewall/Federer/Sampras as we have debated this many times...
Phoenix, You are on my ignore list.

But: Playing level is an important criterion to rank players. People like you use to blame Rosewall for his "weak" level in comparison to Gonzalez and Hoad and Laver.

I included Hoad for his high peak level (arguably the best of all).
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