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Originally Posted by Feather View Post
Bobby, that is very lame.

Pete lost to absolute nobodies in clay in RG. I can list you
1995: First round loss to G Schaller
1997: Third round loss to M Norman
1998: Second round loss to R Delgado

Seriously, do you think that Roger will lose to these guys?

In the last nine years, from 2004 onwards, Roger Federer has lost at RG to four players. R Nadal, N Djokovic, G Keurten and Robin Soderling. Soderling defeated Federer in 2010 and R Nadal in 2009. Soderling loss was when he was past his prime

Pete's best result at RG was a semifinal. Roger two semi finals, four finals and a win. All those finals and in one final he lost to Rafael Nadal. If not for Rafa, he would have had 5-6 RGs. It's NOT even close

I don't think Roger is not going to have a losing record against Andre Agassi or Brugera or Kafelnikov or Courier on clay. Federer played one clay match with Kafelnikov, before he was in his prime, and still beat him 6-7, 6-1,6-1.

I don't think anyone from the 90s, except for Guga will have a positive head to head against Roger Federer on clay
Feather, Convincing points.
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