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Originally Posted by shakes1975 View Post

Fair enough. My point is that those losses had nothing to do with the courts being slower. Because he was still in a position (or close to it) to win both times.
I do agree, he could have closed that out. However, if the courts were faster, I presume the matches wouldn't be that closer. He could have done it better.

In 2012 both wins of Roger were on relatively fast courts. Wimbledon and Cincinnati. On the slower courts, Rome and RG, he was straight setted. He was also straight setted in WTF but the match was very close than scoreline suggests. He is in his 30s he can't grind against Djokovic, Murray and Nadal. I think fast courts will help him against these three guys. However it makes him more vulnerable against del Potro, Berdych and Tsonga. Still Roger is more a favorite against these three on a faster court than he is against the top three on a slower court. So I guess, it helps him more ultimately
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