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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I am really loving the Blade 104. Fit's my game very well. I use a lot of droppers, lobs, slices and feel shots, along with groundstrokes and winners when they are there and the 104 seems to fit this style of play very well.
Glad to hear it Jack, it really is amazing for old school, all-court play - slice deep, slice short, dropper, half volley, lob, it's just so user friendly, no surprises, like, ever.

I did a very telling experiment tonight. Been out of town for a week, no tennis, got home in time for league match tonight with fast, consistent young guy. I decided to warm up and start with the MG Rad to see if I could be more aggressive and less pushy than recent 104 outings. Felt great in warm up, couldn't miss. Start the match, I get down a break 2-3, I'm getting pushed back the whole time, my shots aren't deep enough, even when I attack, just much shallower than with the 104. He's in the middle of the court dictating every point with short angles to either side. (This is why I switched from the MG Rad in the first place, when I started playing stronger 4.5s, always getting pushed back).

At 2-3, I switch to the 104 (haven't touched it in a week) and immediately he's backpedalling, everything is 40% deeper, he can't attack from that far back, starts missing. I win the next 3 games and finish out 6-4, 6-3. Again, just epic pushing, just out patience-ing him, but this time I was happy to take it because he was fast and hard to attack anyway (very slow courts too).

So, I do have a BLX 104 on the way, hoping that at 330g and 325SW instead of 340+ SW with the K104, I can get my racket speed back up but still have that nice fluffy granny stick touch!
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