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Originally Posted by Dimcorner View Post
Yes I have the 2013 APD. I demoed the regular and the GT and I preferred the regular length.

I'm playing with Yonex PolyTour Pro 125 @ 48lbs and it feels good right now. I get more spin and power with the APD on the serve as well as more control. I did have to get used to the speed of the racquet because it does swing a little quicker so in the beginning I was framing a few balls but it's settling now.

When I do switch back to the BLX I find myself playing slower in order to keep the balls from sailing on me. I do notice that I can get more spin with the APD but the BLX is definitely nicer to hit off center with in terms of comfort.
Thanks for the insight. I am highly considering buying the extended length APD 2013 because I really like the added reach and torque on my ground strokes.

I feel like I swing a little too quickly with my pro open, which has a SW of about 315, so I think the extended length would be beneficial to me in this regard as well. I'm comfortable with swing weights between 320-335.

Anyone string their APD up with the string it comes with? (Addiction)
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