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First off,

Hello everyone. I just joined this community to receive help on my tennis game. Scoured the boards and stumbled upon this thread and being that I started weight lifting at age 12 all the way up to last year (22 now), I feel I can chime in some good advice.

Obviously, cardio is a massive must. Dieting alone will help you lose weight, but not as rapidly as you should want to. It's good that you've started. However, implementing a weight lifting routine would be VERY helpful, especially one that incorporates all the primary lifts (minimum of squats/deadlifts/bench press/military presses). This allows you to retain as much muscle mass as possible during the weight loss period. Creatine wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Many amateur bodybuilders use it while tapering down for a competition. Others eat clen and tren hard but that's another story.

Regarding diet, the worst thing one can do is quit eating all the foods that caused them to get to that weight at once. It'll lead to irritability, anger/mood issues, and other mental problems (lack of focus, drowsiness, etc.) so rather than stopping cold turkey, taper off on all unhealthy foods. My advice is to get rid of dairy and gluten from your diet, too. Crap is filled with hormones and God knows what else. Heck, it helped Djokovic, too, IIRC. Yeast products (breads for instance) are one of the things to worry about because they cause System Candidasis. What is it? A system-wide yeast infection (yup, happens to women AND MEN). It becomes border-line impossible to lose weight because your cravings are INSANE. Watch what happens when you taper off the gluten suffer massive die-off symptoms and you'll be sick for a week or two. Not a "whole foods" nut by ANY MEANS, but I did drop dairy products (save for eggs if you consider them dairy for some odd reason) and gluten. Effects? Chronic back acne zapped away (it looked like a mine field, no joke). Much better mood (but still needs work). Mental clarity improved. Etc.

Eggs: It them as often as you want! Media constantly tells you to avoid cholesterol. Why is cholesterol important? Spikes TESTOSTERONE. Why does that matter? Testosterone is vital catalyst for muscle building. Can't build muscle without it...I eat a minimum of 6 eggs daily and often upwards of 12 (zero cholesterol problems - shocker!), have the libido of a 15 year old and functioning confidence. I eat them with ketchup to avoid the bland flavor of daily eggs, lol.

Be very careful of loosing massive weight at rapid pace. The weight needs to come off SLOWLY, otherwise you're going to have plenty of loose skin. No matter what, you will have loose skin, but if you lose weight in a controlled manner (1-2 lbs a week), it'll be much less and you may not need surgery.

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