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Originally Posted by keithfival View Post
Glad to hear it Jack, it really is amazing for old school, all-court play - slice deep, slice short, dropper, half volley, lob, it's just so user friendly, no surprises, like, ever.

I did a very telling experiment tonight. Been out of town for a week, no tennis, got home in time for league match tonight with fast, consistent young guy. I decided to warm up and start with the MG Rad to see if I could be more aggressive and less pushy than recent 104 outings. Felt great in warm up, couldn't miss. Start the match, I get down a break 2-3, I'm getting pushed back the whole time, my shots aren't deep enough, even when I attack, just much shallower than with the 104. He's in the middle of the court dictating every point with short angles to either side. (This is why I switched from the MG Rad in the first place, when I started playing stronger 4.5s, always getting pushed back).

At 2-3, I switch to the 104 (haven't touched it in a week) and immediately he's backpedalling, everything is 40% deeper, he can't attack from that far back, starts missing. I win the next 3 games and finish out 6-4, 6-3. Again, just epic pushing, just out patience-ing him, but this time I was happy to take it because he was fast and hard to attack anyway (very slow courts too).

So, I do have a BLX 104 on the way, hoping that at 330g and 325SW instead of 340+ SW with the K104, I can get my racket speed back up but still have that nice fluffy granny stick touch!
Out-patience-ing is just a lot of what you have to do sometimes. Same kind of night/opponent for me. Pusher on a slow court. Grinded to a mostly frustrating 3, 3 win in which I struggled to pile up outright winners, just had to pepper the corners and back half of the court consistently.
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