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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
If you still have your basic fundamentals from your junior and 20's era, I'd suggest finding good hitting partners over jumping into competitive match situations. Once you shake off the rust from your hiatus, then work with a coach who has an eye for strategies to take advantages of your strengths and hide any weaknesses. Only then should you dive in to changing the stuff that isn't working. You'll have a lot of positive momentum by then, which makes attacking problems a more positive process.
Actually I hadnt event thought of strategies or such tennis academia.
I very much like the idea of finding good hitting partners. However I find for some unknown reaon they love to play matchs even if its just a knock up.
I see the competetive streak in all the players I play. Actually It drives me insane, most especially when i see them playing to my weaknesses. People love to win even if its against some returning player. Ultimately I notice with the club that whilst many keep an eye on my progress very few are actually up to help me along. This i put down to the competetive nature of the human beast and bear no personal grudges. Thats tennis! And also I'm very much aware that me improving my tennis game is not and quite rightly so high on their agenda.
There is one guy I play in his 50s. Hes a provincial representative here. He hits classically, slice backhand, high toss top spin serve. Lovely player to play against as its easy to groove against such an opponent. I do well against him. Big hitters cause me a lot of trouble. I tend to frame my forehand return of serve more often than is acceptable.
Thank you for your input
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