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Originally Posted by Tonyr1967 View Post
Dave - my story is almost identical to yours.

I returned to the game at 44. Now at 46 I'm playing reasonably well. I normally play younger/fitter players and against them I win far more than I lose. Against players my own age, I do very well and when I play my junior day peers (who didn't have such a long break) I can compete (still lose) but am getting closer all the time.

I don't think you ever totally lose 'it' - you just have to find 'it' again and a decent coach is a good way to start.
Tony just a question.
Do u feel on your return to the game that your game has consistently improved. Have there been major lulls in progress. Periods of time in which ur game has fallen apart? Followed by periods where you progress nicely?
Im just wondering what to expect.
My coach said to me that the more advanced my game was as a junior the harder it will be for me to reach expectations of myself on court. I have seen other players of my era come back and make much better progress than me but their game whilst good wouldnt have been as technically proficient as mine. (lol thats my theory anyway) Actually its also my coachs theory.
I followed a guy on here who returned to the game after 20 years, he posted videos of his strokes and could see how with each video he improved, got a lot of hope from that.
In truth the first year back I was plagued with niggling injuries, hamstring, shoulder pains, back trouble ut feel my body has toughened up a little now.
Did you have these problems? If so how long did it last? Possibly you lived a very active life before returning to the game and had no problems.
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