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Default awkward serve photo

Hi - I've read this forum before but never felt compelled to post until I saw this freeze frame shot of my serve over the weekend. Besides being a ridiculously awkward looking pose, I'm wondering what the collective wisdom of this board sees.

My observations:
- I have a bad habit of keeping my right hand up after the toss, almost to the point of absurdity (sometimes I notice my hand on my head after I serve).
- My hips aren't rotating at all.
- Do I need to get my back foot moving forward and step into the court on the follow through?

I'd appreciate any other comments. Quick background - I'm a strong 3.5 and my serve is probably the strongest part of my game, despite the obvious visual quirks. Other freeze frames from the same afternoon showed what I hoped I would see - good trophy pose, full extension at contact, etc. But the disaster seems to unravel just after contact.

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