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If I am winning I am excessively gracious to my opponents. I have a smile permanently etched on my face and display earnestness at every opportunity. The wives and GFs of my opponents say that I am such a nice guy to the other women.

If I am loosing I must appear unhinged, I will take off my Harvard shirt and don a shirt from a CT taskforce I helped lead when downrange. I will talk about that time I was in" Fallujah with my men and it was real bad." When they assume I was in the military, I will say that I was not, I work in diplomacy and start talking about how the prettiest girls in the world are Tatar women.

They know what I say is true and I say it with a calmness and politeness so that no complaint could ever be filed;if it was it would never be upheld. I know how to get under folks' skin but rob them of a reason to articulate why i am doing so.

I did the full monty on a guy on Saturday and it did not work...maybe less mind games and more backhands....
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