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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Anyone know quite what's inside the Blade handles?

Yes, has anyone ever seriously opened one up? Okay, there's basalt fibres (whatever that actually means), but just wondering if the handle is filled throughout, what with precisely, etc. Noticed last night my old fav way of adding weight to b/cap area - fishing weights, is actually easily done here, so was curious what's happening further down handle.

Also is it the same with all the Blades - i.e K Blade, gold/black, Black Blades?

So, has anyone got really 'surgical' on this?

Wait a minute... klem! I think you may know?...
Not sure about the inside, but those fibers along the handle can sure give you some nasty splinters! If you ever need to replace the grip, DO NOT handle it with bare hands. Put on a golf glove or learn the hard way like I did! Those nastly little pieces along the handle splinter off and will get into your skin very easily.
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