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Originally Posted by keithfival View Post
Glad to hear it Jack, it really is amazing for old school, all-court play - slice deep, slice short, dropper, half volley, lob, it's just so user friendly, no surprises, like, ever.

At 2-3, I switch to the 104 (haven't touched it in a week) and immediately he's backpedalling, everything is 40% deeper, he can't attack from that far back, starts missing. I win the next 3 games and finish out 6-4, 6-3. Again, just epic pushing, just out patience-ing him, but this time I was happy to take it because he was fast and hard to attack anyway (very slow courts too).

So, I do have a BLX 104 on the way, hoping that at 330g and 325SW instead of 340+ SW with the K104, I can get my racket speed back up but still have that nice fluffy granny stick touch! sounds like you might be confusing counter-punching and just playing solid, positional patient tennis with "pushing". "Pushing" typically involves "just getting everything back" without much technique or variety.
Just because you aren't hitting outright winners, doesn't mean you are "pushing". You are constructing the point and trying to gain the upper hand in the rally and when you do, you force the issue and eventually win the point. That's how I have been playing with the 104 and I have been more consistent than ever. My UEs have gone down and I feel like I'm playing better tennis.

BTW, where are ou getting those swingweight numbers from??? How is your K104 340+??? And the new Blade 104 is not 330g /325 sw either. It's more like 320-325 g's and 315 sw.
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