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Default what's your backhand *slice to drive* ratio?

So, a practise partner of mine told me I go for the slice to often. I reckon in a tense match I probably would end up going 80:20 for the slice, but in saying that we play on low, astro type courts which are reasonably fast.... it is conducive to slicing....well, to good slicing.

I suspect a good, hard slice (Something I am trying to perfect, and it is going well I believe!) should be very effective in general, but how much is too much I wonder?!?

What do you reckon your drive-to-slice ratio is folks, and what level are you playing at?

I'm around 4.0, and I must admit even opponents far stronger than me *seem* to slice a fair amount.

I do notice that age has something to do though. Even mid-20's guys use slice a lot, but some 16-18 year olds I sometimes play (LTA 5.2 level for the mid-20's and the teens) hardly slice at all!!
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