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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
Sandbagging happens. Whether or not this was the case, only the other guy really knows. You may have suspicions, but players run hot and cold during matches all the time.

Look at it like this though, wouldn't you rather be the player that gets to play against the higher level guy, instead of the player that has to intentionally drop games?
I like playing higher level guys and I left the match knowing I played just about as good as I can, but the other guy was just better. It was just weird during the match when I am hitting sitter second serves and winning points where I couldn't win a point off my best first serves. I didn't understand it during the match, but I just kept fighting. If anything the heat was an x factor and I think he underestimated my conditioning since I am more on the sporty fat side and I almost snuck it out. After the match I told him he played great and his forehand pushing me 5 ft behind the baseline followed by his short angled backhand slice was a vicious combo. It wasn't until later when I saw he was self rated did I start to think maybe he was spotting me a few games.
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