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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
I hear about people dropping games purposely to preserve their rating on this board, but I have never seen it or heard about it in real life. I think the more likely explanation for these is that a new self rate will either be out of shape, out of practice, or a relative beginner, and thus will be more inconsistent than a computer-rated player.

I do like how the sandbaggers at every level are described as Federer-like.

And I really like this phrase, sporty fat. I think that describes 90% of recreational tennis players. I don't escape this phrase either.
I wish I was sporty fat, but I am just sadly fat.

I have actually talked to some people that actively throw games to keep their ratings. In almost all these cases they were borderline guys who it probably didn't matter. A real 5.0 player or even strong 4.5 player would not waste his time playing at a 4.0 level and would frankly have to do more than drop a game here or there.
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