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Originally Posted by boinz View Post
thanks guys for all the inputs

yes i got a few spares on the side. And I was really trying to achieve here:
first racket, to install brand new CAPs TK237 which are lighter than the older TK52 ones
second racket, to hide the lead tapes I got inside the hoop to under the CAP (re-using if I can)

so guess the trick is patience and work from the throat up with a small thin straight awl... right to far?
Sure, but Irvin's right, here: If you are in the beginning phases of matching and experimentation, it makes VERY LITTLE sense to put weight under the CAPs. Any time you want to make a change you'll have to remove them, and then run the risk of not being able to get the CAPs back on. Don't remove them at all right now until you've fine tuned and perfected your process/specs.

As far as grommets and repair, check this thread out. VERY cool method to have in your "toolbox" as it were:
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