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My observations:
- I have a bad habit of keeping my right hand up after the toss, almost to the point of absurdity (sometimes I notice my hand on my head after I serve).
- My hips aren't rotating at all.
- Do I need to get my back foot moving forward and step into the court on the follow through?
I think you know what your problems are - the question is how to change.

I would recommend you learn your "new" serve motion away from the court to develop some "muscle memory" - and don't immediately fall into serving the "wrong" way.

The biggest thing to change is that while you are coiling your hips, you are not uncoiling.

Watch how Coach McCraw swings in this video below:
McCraw Serve Fundamentals

Mimic his slow and relaxed swing, uncoiling the hips to help initiate the racquet drop.

Do this over and over and over again at home until it feels free and easy.

When you get to the tennis courts face the fence, not the net.

Your first serves with your new motion will not be pretty, and if you stand on the service line, you will quickly fall into hitting the "old way".

Have a few sessions where you just serve 50 tennis balls into the fence before turning around, and start to hit them into the court.

[You also have to change to a continental grip - NOW is the time to do it.

I am quite sure you invented your swing style to allow a shoulder coil/uncoil to accommodate your Eastern grip.

How do I know? I tried to swing with an Eastern grip and coil/uncoil my shoulders, and immediately produced the same body position you show in your picture.

The Eastern grip is what most beginners first use to patty-cake their serves over the net.

But being athletic, you figured out you needed a shoulder coil/uncoil for more serve speed.

However keeping your Eastern grip would end up with you serving wide all the time - until you unconsciously figured out to overcompensate by swinging your shoulders without swinging your hips.

Don't let a faulty grip keep you from learning your new swing motion.]

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