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Originally Posted by keithfival View Post
I'm using the term a bit tongue in cheek, just meaning I'm playing waaaaay less aggressively than I ever have before and instead of always looking to attack I'm just sending the ball back and waiting and almost never attacking. I mean, pushing or whatever you call it is perfectly valid, it's just such change for me, and I certainly miss attacking the ball. I'm continuing on either way and seeing where it leads.

Re: SW, I'm not getting the new blade, but rather the first BLX version which I will weight up to my preferred range of 330-338g. The K 104 stock SW according to TW is 320 vs. 308 for the BLX. One of mine is much heavier and more HH than spec, more like 326SW stock. I like the feeling of more mass than the stock ~315g but I like the stock balance so when I weight them up to 330-338g and keep the same balance they're up to 335-343SW, based on repeated measurements with the TW calculator. For anecdotal reference, the Blade 98 I just tried felt muuuuch whippier than my K 104s.

BLX arrives today.
Have you tried adding lead to the throat? Adds mass without balance change and also a more minimal addition to SW than hoop lead placement.
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