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Hi guys,

Perhaps you can help me with my dilemma. The Donnays sound amazing. Got a Donnay rep in HK who can provide me with some Donnay sticks (the older X-line that they still have a few left of) as I live in Japan and there are no dealers here. Sadly, that also means no demos.

I'm torn between the blue, black and red lines. The red 99 sounds like an interesting stick for a spin/attacking game, or even playing around as a doubles stick (and its light enough to be customized either way).

Out of the 94's, probably the black is striking me as the best (somewhat more forgiving than the blue 94 - and given its a "buy before I try" perhaps it's good I err on the side of caution!). That leaves the blue 99 as the final option...yet both the blue 99 and black 99 seems to come with great praise.

So if I was to pick up a red 99, a blue 99 and a black 94, would that be a good mix of racquets in terms of differing spec/feel/performance?

If that's overkill and it's best to choose just one or two Donnay x-series, which would they be?
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