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Originally Posted by NeverGassed1212 View Post
I am just saying that I didn't yell at him or say it in anger because I think that is how it may be perceived. I am on a couple of different teams, usually I play out of Sunnyvale.
Maybe I am just misinterpreting the whole point of your thread. The USTA has rules for how to deal with people sandbagging which doesn't include being confronted by the opponent. The guy may be sandbagging and may not be but his match against you should not be the gauge nor should you be the judge.

This area has a lot of self rated players who are probably not at level. I think there are some who are intentionally playing under their rating and other who just don't know USTA ratings. None of them are behaving "maliciously" though unless you have a different view of the importance of a tennis match than I do.
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