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Originally Posted by Double_Bagel View Post
Or would a blue 94 + black 99 be best? I really want to pick up one of the 94's and a 99 but it'd be silly to pick up both in the same color/model line right?
Well, as you can see on this thread, there are quite a few people(including me) who have had problems deciding on a Donnay model. I've already shared my experiences throughout this thread, but I will give u a quick rundown of my thoughts. I don't think it would be silly to use 2 different models, with different head sizes. However, I don't think many people would
encourage it.

The Blue 99 is the most stable racquet I've hit. A beast off the ground. It fit perfectly with my long, fast forehand stroke. I really felt I could outhit just about anybody on the forehand side, while still being able to hit with fantastic spin when needed. I had to take the ball early to get the most out of it. Catch it late and balls fly. Technique is still very important with this racquet. Phenomenal on returns and solid at the net. Flat and topspin backhands were amazing.

My only issues are as follows;
Didn't help my serve much, but its more about my serve technique than the racquet. I have a torn labrum and I have to protect it. I hit a 1hbh and the Blue 99 is steady, but i didn't find it as maneuverable on that side. Slice was harder to control.

The good certainly outweighs the bad, regarding the the Blue 99.
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