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Played a match this weekend and was getting destroyed by self rated 4.0. Most people I know consider me to be a solid to strong 4.0 and I played a guy this weekend that was returning my best serves with no problem. He had a big serve (dude was like 6'2''), consistent flat forehand, placement, touch, and volley skills. In his own words his weakness is that he can't hit a flat or topspin backhand, but he had a killer slice that he could place and angle extremely well. I was able to run out to a 4-1 lead and then this guy warmed up or decided to start showing the skills I mentioned above he ran off the next 5 games with ease. I was playing some of my best tennis and he was having no issues. I made a comment during the change over after struggling to hold the first game of the second set, that most people say I barely belong in 4.0 and he is putting me to shame. Then magically his level dropped and even though I was getting tired and not playing as well as I was in the 1st set this guy is making way more errors and not hitting his forehand instead choosing to try to slice back returns. We fight through the heat and I end up winning the 2nd set in a tiebreak, but when we start the 10 point tiebreak for the 3rd set his flat forehands reappear and he takes it comfortably 10-5. I did not know that he was self rated at the time and when I checked later my suspicion of his play in the second set only increased. I now wonder if I wouldn't had said anything if the 2nd set would have shaped up much differently.
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