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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Maybe all Uniqlo want from Djoko is global brand recognition rather than tennis-specific sales.

Originally Posted by asusundevils1971 View Post
If you are paying a tennis player to wear the clothes. You would want the general tennis public to buy set clothes. He isn't wearing shoes or suits from the company. He is selling the tennis line when he wears them playing. If it is brand recognition, then why not sell the brand he is wearing?. There is no company that pay's someone to wear the brand just so they can say " look Djokovic is wearing our clothes '. We are global but we wont make any money off of this because we are not selling the clothes... There goes are whatever millions we are paying him. We should give raises for all our marketing division for us losing money..

I think Bartelby has a point and it might work. Reason why is similarities for myself really. Never really heard of UniQlo before since we don't have one in Canada (as far as I know). But when I was in NY last year for USO a friend wanted to go to UniQlo to check out both Djokovic stuff and regular stuff (he had heard of the company before)

Now i might or might not have gone in because my girlfriend likes Asian style/stuff but in the end I think the huge poster of Djokovic and his whole tennis section for the week made me go in (and I'm not even a big Nole fan). We ended up all four of us purchasing a bunch of stuff, so I do really think at least for some people anyway that Djokovic is a way to increase brand awareness.
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