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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
yes, lots of ways to work on attacking these balls, but first you need to figure
out what you can do and what you want/need to be able to do.
Also learn what you cannot do!

For example, most players need to focus primarily on attackable balls near the
center T. The key here is you can run to your stronger attack weapon (Fh?),
and attack to either side...which forces the pusher to have to worry about
both sides of the court. Also from there, you can go to any weakness you
picked up on.

To work on the important, top spin rip, get someone to toss mini lobs and easy balls
to your center T and come up from right near the BL and and drive
these to both sides. The swing needs to be very modern, pulling across strongly (& up some),
to avoid punching them long. Working across the contact allows you to better
modulate the "thru the ball", the spin and the most important, net crossing height!
You may even hit across and Down some if it is short and high enough! Too much forward
mo or "thru the ball" to the target will often punch it long or drive it into net
looking to avoid hitting long. Also depth is not important on a strong attack, but it
is all about pace and line of shot. The bounce point means nothing when you power
thru the court, so no need to flirt with the lines!

To work on attacking lower attackable short balls, have them toss to the same
area, but with a more skidding, lower bounce; so you can run up and slice
either solid and deeper OR, my fav, the dying, low skidding short angle. These work
better with the Bh slice if you are a good slicer, since the Bh
slice is normally more nasty!

Remember, these attackable balls put you in Transition. You must transition
on to net OR back to BL coverage. No standing in NM'sL being lazy.
Also realize shorter balls to one side or the other represent some extra challenge.
Not only do they bring you into transition, but also pull your coverage
to one what you do with these is important to augment your coverage
for the next shot if you can't execute the finish or hurt them with it.
For example, a short wide ball to your Bh may require a
mini crosscourt lob just to get you back to the BL in coverage to wait for a
better chance to attack.
Nice post, you described exactly what we worked on with our hard hitting kids last night to deal with the pushers. We set a ball machine to shoot 4 balls to simulate the pusher. Ending with exactly the finishing shots you describe.
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