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Last year I played only 4 matches at 3.5 on a new team and lost them all (2 matches I lost in 3rd set tiebreaks). I would chalk the losses up to poor partner selection by my captain, bad luck, and obviously not getting the job done. It was a tough season.

In doubles, I regularly play with 4.0 guys at my club and hold my own. I would rate myself as a high-level 3.5 at doubles. I am in pretty bad shape, so 3.5 singles is tough unless I am blasting a lot of winners (it happens, but not often enough).

USTA bumped me down to 3.0 this season because I went 0-4 last year. At first I was a little sore, then mostly just incredulous. I would play up, but there's only one 3.5 18+ team at my club, and they aren't accepting new players (they go to sectionals most years). So I am a 3.0C this season.

Undefeated so far, and I don't see myself losing a match. The guys I play against must think I am the biggest sandbagger ever. So basically, I am that guy.
The same thing happened to me last year and I pretty much had the same excuses. While there might have been an error, I clearly was not at the top of the level. I just looked at the TLS website which had me rated as a 4.05 which for the most part looks accurate relative to the others I saw on the list. This happened to a few other guys on the list who are all now doing very well at 4.0. This is because they are strong 4.0s not because they are sandbagging. If they are actually weak 4.5s instead then they will get bumped back.

My case was slightly different as I got in shape over the last year and now am better than this rating. I also got irritated when I saw I was a 4.0 and joined a couple of teams to prove how silly the rating was. I'm kind of regretting that choice as I really don't enjoy playing 4.0 matches both for the quality of play and the off the court BS, but am honoring my commitments to the teams.
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