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Originally Posted by Wilander Fan View Post
Pros and cons of the Edberg extreme eastern grip which most pros seem to use or a milder eastern/continental? I struggle with my serve when I dont practice at least 2 times a week and I use the former and send alot spinning into the net when I get tense.
First, I disagree with your premise, and I find your terminology confusing. Edberg holds closer to an eastern bh grip on his serve than most professionals. Most modern players hold a variant of the modern continental which is index knuckle on the 2nd bevel, rather than on bevel 1, which is closer to how I believe Edberg hits.

In my experience, players who hold an eastern bh in order to hit more spin also shank the serve more. I believe it is best to just stick with continental on the serve and to turn the shoulders away more from the target to hit more topspin.
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