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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
OP: everyone here is trying to tell you that you're just being a sore loser -- but it's OK. We all are from time to time. I have been a sore loser many times, but I'm learning how to control that and learn from match losses. It's a part of playing tennis that most of us go through and learning how to cope with it is what makes us a better player.

For those of us who take tennis more seriously than others, sometimes its a blow to our ego when we lose. But as others have told you, remember that any time you're playing a "competitive match" then know that you and your opponent are close enough to each other's skill level to make it a fair fight.

Next time you get double-bageled, then go ahead and call shenanigans -- but not to the face of your opponent, that's still rude. That's what internet forums are for!
And how great the internet is. This thread mainly exists due to the fact that I was bored at work with a computer in front of me. Good times
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