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Originally Posted by db10s View Post
I went out and tried some various string lubricants. I ranked them below. Note: all tests were performed on Dunlop Ice with various stages of wear in a Biomimetic MAX 200G. I found RemOil and PTFE spray to perform so similarly that I grouped them together.

Overall Performance

1.RemOil with teflon (Gun Oil) and PTFE spray.

2. Armor All (Original)

3. Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)

4. Vaseline Moisturizing Lotion

5. Baby Oil

Best Initial Performance

1. Olive Oil

2. RemOil with teflon (Gun Oil) and PTFE spray.

3. Armor All

4. Baby Oil

5. Lotion

Best Long Term Performance

1. RemOil with teflon (Gun Oil) and PTFE spray.

2. Armor All

3. Lotion

4. Baby Oil

5. Olive Oil


RemOil with teflon (Gun Oil) and PTFE spray: Stays on and offers great performance.

Armor All: Offered great performance but I found that it didn't stay on as well.

Lotion: No crazy spin but it lasted longer than I expected.

Olive Oil: Scary spin for the first 5 minutes.

Baby Oil: Spin was alright but the durability wasn't

Great thread.
Just curious how does the olive oil feel in long term?
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