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Default Syngut at 30 lbs in Dunlop Revelation Pro 90

OK, so all the positive reviews on syngut at ELT finally peaked my curiosity.

I decided to string up my old Dunlop Revelation Pro with a couple of half sets of Golden Set syngut that I had laying around. I put some Durameld 17 in the mains and some Optimum 17 in the crosses, both at 30 lbs. I sprayed some ARMOR ALL on the string bed after stringing.

Unorthodox Stringing and Yourmailman -- you guys are bang on about the playing characteristics of syngut at ELT!!

I could not believe how well this setup played! Access to lots of spin, great control, low to medium power, and a nice soft feel with a bit of bite -- all this from some cheap no name syngut.

My only caveat is that I only hit for 1 hour today, so will reserve final judgement as to whether this setup is going to be my new standard.

I noticed that the strings did not move that much. There was some notching so it will be interesting to see how long they last as well as how their playability holds up.

Ground strokes, volleys and touch shots were really nice with this setup. I will see how the serve performs under game conditions. I am thinking this should be a great setup for doubles.

I am now chomping at the bit to try some syngut at ELT in my 200 and 200 tours.
Dunlop 300 tour - Pro's Pro Plus Power 1.18 @ 37lbs.
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