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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Looking back at some old womens matches tapes Jo Anne Russell was a MUCH better commentator than Chris Evert. It is too bad she was let go when Evert retired. Why do networks always assume the more successful players are the best commentators. History has proven this is not the case. Evert and Navratilova are both terrible commentators, despite their legendary playing status. Carillo was a journeywomen yet was employed heavily for decades, and was an outstanding commentator until recent years where in her old age she has started to go senile a bit. Shriver was a great player but not a legendary one, yet she too is, or was until recent years where has also declined, an excellent commentator, and also much superior to Martina and Chris.
Love the thread, my dear.

And Suwanee answered correctly.

I was also a JoJo fan. Much better commentator than Chrissie. But networks nearly always go with the name!

Jo had such a wickedly good, sometimes dry sense of humor! I loved it.

My favorite Jo comment, was actually after one of her better wins -when she was commentating and playing at the same time. She beat #9 Sylvia Hanika at Wimbledon in 1982. Hanika was asked what chance Jo had at beating Martina in the next round. And she said none. JoJo responded, "Well, I've got a better chance than she does!" Classic JoAnne!!!!!!!!!!
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