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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
The thing is djokovic never won Madrid on hard or Hamburg, fed and Nadal have never won shanghai but they won the Madrid hard when it was in the same slot. so then people were saying just count the slots since the events have changed to New ones. so Indian wells is the 1st master etc.

What he's saying is since Madrid clay switched places with Rome which is now the 5th master instead of the 4th, fedrrer has won the 4th when it was Hamburg and Madrid 2009 but last year it was the 5th masters. so technically he's won in 8 slots. Only a technicality but there's no real way to be fair. but djokovic has 8 of 9 current masters, though fed and Nadal could both amass wins at 11 different masters by winning the ones they don't have of current masters. djokovic can only get 9 at the moment.
He cannot be serious. That is absolutely preposterous! Monte-Carlo and Rome have stayed the same forever, changes of DATES really cannot affect that. Madrid replaced Hamburg no matter how you look at it. It's possible to count venues but it's unfair to younger players since Madrid indoor and Hamburg master don't exist anymore, so of course they have no way to win them. There are only 9 masters every year and no matter what the permutations are, the number in a season is always 9, that's why the absolute record is to win all 9.
ETA: also no matter how much you're willing to clown around with fanciful nonsense like "slots" , the hard fact is: Fed has not won Rome nor M-C. That is the intangible reality.

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