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Love the thread, my dear.

And Suwanee answered correctly.

I was also a JoJo fan. Much better commentator than Chrissie. But networks nearly always go with the name!

Jo had such a wickedly good, sometimes dry sense of humor! I loved it.

My favorite Jo comment, was actually after one of her better wins -when she was commentating and playing at the same time. She beat #9 Sylvia Hanika at Wimbledon in 1982. Hanika was asked what chance Jo had at beating Martina in the next round. And she said none. JoJo responded, "Well, I've got a better chance than she does!" Classic JoAnne!!!!!!!!!!

LOL thanks for that last part. That is terrific and sounds like something she would say. Hanika was always such a cranky crotch so even better she was involved.
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