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Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
Really glad to hear you finally pulled the trigger on 30lbs!

ELT is so addictive that more and more around me are getting hooked and converted.

As with all freshly strung rackets, I noticed ELT has a "break-in" period too. But it's very subtle. The best playing hours seem to start from the second hour or second session of tennis.

So if you're already having fun in the 1st hour, get ready to rock and roll from the 2nd onwards!

But isn't it a little too cold to be playing where you are now? Indoor courts?
Yep -- indoors -- winter is still hanging on up here -- probably another few weeks (maybe a month) before I will be outdoors.

Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
I'm assuming you're using Isospeed Baseline poly. If it is, I'm not surprised about the notching as it is a very soft poly.

Another reason could be that you are actually hitting much harder at ELT due to the low power. You may not be feeling it due to the extra comfort and plushness though. That is just my experience with ELT poly.

I prefer syn gut as it offers greater comfort, pocketing and better feel. Poly still has a certain harshness to it at low tensions that I did not like. Power wise, I think SG is much better than ELT poly. Somehow, I am also able to generate more spin with SG than poly.
From my limited experience I also liked the comfort and feel of ELT syngut better than the polys I tried. I still can't believe how well the syngut played at 30 lbs.
Dunlop 300 tour - Pro's Pro Plus Power 1.18 @ 37lbs.
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