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Originally Posted by Lefty5 View Post
I too wonder if its ALL or NOTHING, with this Gluten Free thing. Why can't we just "reduce" gluten and get "some" of the benefits?

I'm on my 5th day of no gluten and I feel AWFUL. Weak, fuzzy headed, can't concentrate, I'm kinda depressed and feel like I can cry easily - none of these is my norm. I'm also hungry all the time. This sucks.

I don't have celiac disease, I have perfect weight, and I feel fine on a regular basis. I'm experimenting with GF to see if it helps with some knee tendonitis and tinnitus in my ears. Hoping I can get over these withdrawal symptoms and begin to introduce gluten back in to my diet and still maintain some of the benefits (if I ever get any benefits in the first place!!!)
Very interesting. Perhaps since you are suffering withdrawal it means you are, in fact, deeply affected by gluten. (I don't think I would personally feel that bad if I didn't have gluten for five days.)

I say stick it out and see if you feel better after awhile.

Be curious to see how this plays out. Keep us posted.
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