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Is Sampras still in the 90s? Is Agassi still there as well? Are we lining him up to hit hims prime right at the time of Sampras.

On 90s grass I'm giving Sampras say 5 wimbledons from 90-00 and Federer 3, Agassi probably doesn't win his the early 90s stay the same and I imagine Krajicek wins none either.

On 90s US Open I say they both win 4.

90s Australian Open, I imagine Fed can beat Sampras here. Sampras gets 1 probably this time and I imagine Fed takes away Kafelinkov's, Kodra's and Becker's Australian open wins in the later 90s. I'm gonna say Fed still only gets 4 but Sampras is probably going to lose 1 to Fed.

90s clay. Federer wins one possibly two. He definitely could beat Kafelinkov, Baby Moya or Baby Guga to grab two of those. Baby Guga being the hardest out of those.

Fed 3+4+4+2 = 13
Samp 5+4+1 = 10

Though I don't stand by these numbers but I say both will get into the 10 range, but low 10 range and people will know them for having a ridiculous rivalry. Fed isn't winning any calendar slams and neither will have the amount of time at number 1 as they had. However If this scenario happened it would be similar to Navratilova/Evert and they would get a ton of credit for playing against some of equal skill all the time.
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