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Hi Frenzy,

Here's is the number 1 tip.

Don't think of him as a pusher. That automatically sets you up for failure. When you set up your opponwnr as a pushers it's almost like you're calling him a cheater and coward. Automatically we disrespect them, a recipe for disaster.

Number 2

Even pushers have a weakness. You have to observant in the warm up. Even speed can he a weakness. Start hitting behind him....or drilling it down the middle if he's anticipating well. If he's reluctant to go for it then hit and move in on everything. A favorite of mine is to lob high to the backhand and move in to the service line. Good things happen if he can't drill it from there.

Number 3

Pushers aren't usually good net players. A short slice can do wonders. If he can approach and close the net well...then he's probably not the pusher you think he is. If he's like most pushers he'll hit it back to the middle and retreat to the baseline. Lob it the backhand side or drill it to a corner. Or....if you want to shake him up....hit it right at him.

Hope this helps.

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