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The problem I see in my league when I see my teammates play a pusher is their approach shot. Mid level rec players (4.0-4.5) "pushers" will still be able to pass someone at net if a bad approach shot is made.

The normally the rally has no pace and there is no pressure of your opponent hitting a winner. You're rally speed tends to drop to compared to your normal pace.

You have to make sure your approach shot is a good one. If i'm just moon balling with the pusher waiting for that short ball to come in, my approach shot better not be moon ball. I'm not saying hit winners but often I see moon ball approach shots which yields negative results. The point of an approach shot is to set up the put away volley, so if your "pusher" gets there in time you are going to have a tough time putting away that volley or even setting him up for a passing shot.

You said you missed a lot of volleys, were they because they were forced errors or were they your own fault? Were your approach shots aggressive enough where the pressure was placed on your opponent?
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