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Default The best string lubricant is a slippery string saver

The best string lubricant is a slippery string saver.

I tried baby oil, olive oil, canola oil, various cooking oil, armor all, wd-40, etc.
They only work for a day than I have to re-apply again.

I tried Babolat elastocross string savers and they are much, much better compared to the different oils/lubricants I tried to date.

They make the strings more slippery (reduces string friction) allowing greater snap-back to help generate more spin.
They last until the string breaks.
They don't collect dirt like the oil based lubricants.
They help extend the life of my natural gut mains.

Forget about oils/lubricants to make your strings more slippery.
Use Babolat elastocross string savers instead.
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