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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
People, it is not that difficult:

Stockholm ( 90-94 ), Essen ( 95 ), Stuttgart ( 96-01 ), Madrid-Indoor-hard ( 02-08 ) and Shanghai ( 09-present ), ARE "THE SAME" M-1000.
So... Federer won "THIS" M-1000 because he won Madrid-hard, though he didn't won Shanghai yet ?
And Also Rome because he won Hamburg when it was at "THIS" place ?

No, I think It's more complicated than that... That's why we can't really talk about "slots" or "Masters number x", and we can't really talk about "venues" either cause it would be unfair !

i.e : IF we consider Djoko will have ALL Masters when he win Cincinnatti because he would have won in 9 different places over MANY years (and not 1 year) DESPITE never won Hamburg and Madrid-hard while he played them... THEN we have to consider in the SAME way that Federer already won 8 different places over many years (because he won Hamburg and Madrid-hard), and misses Monte Carlo, Rome, Shanghai and Stuttgart.
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