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For the first time ever, I think the end of Fed is coming. I have nothing against him. I really don't care one way or the other. He's an incredible champion and his records speak for themselves. Something just feels . . . a little different this year. Perhaps he can make one more spectacular slam run a la Pete--maybe Wimby or the USO, but I can't see Fed playing past the end of next year.

Nadal's only slam problem is Nole. Nole's form dipped last year but Nadal wasn't around to capitalize on it except in the cc season. From here on out, I think in order for Rafa to pick up any more slams, he's going to have to pick them up the way Fed did after 2007--hoping his kryptonite is knocked out of the tournament. The exception to that rule might be RG, but we'll see. I see one more slam for Rafa as quite likely, two would be fabulous; for him to tie Pete he would need some incredible draws and help. Fed's slam count has been safe since 2.0 Nole arrived on the scene.
Nadal's only problem isn't ****; it's also his destroyed knees and the pounding he puts his body through. He can't stay healthy long enough to do anything much less beat the guy who has owned his *** for 2+ years now.

I also don't think Fed is done. Seems kind of ridiculous to dig his grave and not Nadal's. Fed is still holding up better than Nadal is, even though he is 5 years older.
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