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Originally Posted by benxten View Post
For endurance during play, eat some complex carbs (whole wheat foods) earlier in the day and protein (chicken breast) and simple sugars (fruits) about 45min-1hr before you play. The protein and sugar will give you access to quick energy while the slower digesting complex carbs will give you energy to sustain play. A moderate amount of sugar is okay before engaging in a rigorous activity because you will burn it so it doesn't become fat.
This is great, straight-forward advice. Thanks!

Originally Posted by T1000 View Post
1. Eat 500 cal under maintenance
2. MWF starting strength. focuses on the compound lifts which help overall athleticism
3. Cardio and stretching on off days
1. Do you mean 500 cal under my 'normal' daily average?
2. Can you please explain MWF, and which are the 'compound' lifts?
3. I'm playing tennis on most off days, either a league match, hitting/tie breakers with a friend for 1.5hrs, practising against a wall, or serves. Do you suggest I trade one or two of those for running/cycling as it's more of a sustained heart rate?

Thanks for your comments so far.
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