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I couldn't disagree with you more. If we're talking slams, let's look at them. Since RG 2010, Nadal has played 10 slams--three loses to Nole, one to Ferrer, and one to Rosol. I think Ferrer's words in Jan of 2011 were, and I'm paraphrasing his improving English, "If he weren't hurt, I probably wouldn't have won." And Rosol; enough said. That leaves him with a Nole problem and only a Nole problem lately in slams.

He knees aren't destroyed. Just stop it. He has a chronic condition in his left knee. He can play tennis. He is playing tennis, and if you didn't notice he's made five finals in a row and won three tournaments since his return. You must have missed two classic, gutsy Nadal perfomances against Gulbis and Delpo. They were really good. IW was spectacular.

How did Nole own Nadal in 2012? He was 0-3. If that's owning someone's ***, I'm really confused.

I'm not digging Fed's grave, but I think he'll be about done at the end of 2014. That's seven more slams for him grab one or two. He'll be 33 1/2 at that point. I didn't feel he was in decline in 2011 or 2012. In my opinion, he's in decline now. I could be wrong. I've been so before.

Yes they are. Toni himself said in an interview with Mats Wilander that this knee injury is career threatening. He is never going to be the same again, mark my words.

In how many of those finals did he beat **** or Murray? The one final he played against **** he got beat yet again. He's helpless against him and their matches are entirely on ****'s racket.

Yep. **** owns Nadal's ***. He is 8-3 over the past 2 years, won 7 finals in a row, an has beaten him comprehensively on all surfaces. **** can beat Nadal in his sleep it's so easy for him. He beats him constantly.

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