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I think many of us have seen what Pro Tour and Ga are talking about. In the lower age groups its many times not the best long term player that wins. When you are short and small like many kids, playing full court, nervous, the percentages favor the kid who dinks and patty cake serves. They just will make less mistakes.

But as the kids get bigger and more experienced, the dinkers get over taken by the kids playing proper technique tennis.

If I was a tournament director I would have a trophy in every age group for the kid who played full out and looks to be building a game for the long term. Call it the "Best long term game award" or something.

Sure the kids who dinks to first place deserves their trophy, no rules were broken. But also rewarding the kids who go for it would also be good for junior tennis.
While I agree with you in principle TCF, there is in reality no practical way to implement what you are talking about in the real world. In reality, it's an issue of coaching and parenting. Talking to them about the long term, entering them in the right 'balance' of tournaments, some to win, some to get experience,etc. Objectives like "played full out" are way to subjective, and just not implementable. Play in a mix of tournaments and age groups, some where they can win, but some where just between you and her, getting out of the first round is a "Win", or just getting 4 games off the #1 seed you happened to draw, is a win. A trip to Dairy queen and a home made trophy is cool too. Can't let them control us. This is not baseball where 9 kids win and 9 kids lose. This is tennis where 31 kids "lose" and 1 kid "wins". Spend lots of time with your kid defining what winning in tennis means. Winning is actually really, really easy. For example, it's quite probable that David Ferrer(for example) would win every tournament he entered - if he only entered challengers.
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