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Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
How about a ELT hybrid? I am just beginning to enjoy a stiff poly / syn gut at 35/33 lbs done in a 95 sq in 16x19 RD7.

Take a look at my 24apr update in the post below...
This is an interesting idea as I haven't tried a syn gut hybrid in a while, and definitely not at ELT. One of the main reasons is the spin of a full poly set up. Do you think it compares? I play with a lot of top, not spin doctor levels, but there is more than the average bear has. Mostly I like having the access to it, and ELT and sound technique have given me that in spades. I like being able to hit a low flat(ter) ball while also being able to hit a high trajectory ball capable of bouncing 6+ ft. You have me mildly curious about the hybrid and syn gut now
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