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Originally Posted by swong09 View Post
Hi Everyone!

Just want to get some tips on partnering a weaker player:

They hit many unforced errors and hardly produce good shots which I can finish off. I end up playing too passive to avoid any UE or the error count of the team will be too high. When I play passive, I get dominated by the other team.

What should be my strategy?
I did have some success going for winners but I am thinking, I rather lose on my own terms.

In this kind of a situation, just play for fun and improvement. Don't be competitive. Playing with a significantly weaker player is going to result in your team losing. There is no other outcome. They are going to get every single ball hit at them. The weaker player always gets the majority of the balls.

If it were me, I'd just practice serving, practice poaching, and practice returns.

Other than that, I'd just try to enjoy the ride.
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