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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Waiting for final pronouncements with bated breath.

Meanwhile, what do you think of multis used as crosses with poly mains? With a Scorpion or B5E or BHBR main, do any multifilament crosses seem good to you guys? How do they compare to the NVY and natural gut crosses discussed in this thread?
One of my regulars gave me 3 sets of black Thunder Blast last night. So I strung up B5E/ThB at 48/52. I realized as I got down to the 2nd to last cross that I screwed up one of the mains and put it in the wrong hole! And no I was not moving at warp speed like PVAudio and I was only on my first glass of vino.

So I just finished the string job to get the feel of the setup in the Exo. It felt tinny and not as soft as the NVY crosses. Felt great in the sweet spot but not outside of it. I'll probably wait for the white Thunder Blast to come in and try that combo since the white is softer. I'm thinking NVY is probably going to what I'll stick with though. The NVY feels loopy like MCS. Crazy how they got a solid core string to be so soft. Stay tuned...

Originally Posted by djNEiGht View Post
What has been the experience with a shape/textured main with a multi/syn cross?

I'm leaning towards a smooth poly with a multi and a textured poly with a syn gut for longevity...but it's just a guess. I've played with textured on a multi and it get's chewed up. I haven't done a smooth poly main (only as a cross). Will try out for my own experience some day but still seeking other views.
B5E is textured and with the Thunder Blast multi, I'd typically get 12-15 hours before the multi would break. This is fine since the poly is starting to die by then anyways. I think synthetic guts are a little more resistant to notching than multis.
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