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Again, we just have to strongly disagree on this one. Directors can do what they like. If I want my tournament to be a beacon in a cesspool of dinking and cheating, I can make up my own trophies.

I would patrol the matches and at the end give out a few sportsmanship trophies, and a few playing full out long term tennis trophies. Any coach worth a penny can tell a kid using a solid long term game vs a dinker.

Thats just the way I would run my tournament.

By the way, dinking and moonballing are two very different things. A high deep moonball is annoying, but a valid shot, usually requiring some ability and racquet head speed and top spin. The dinking I am talking about is the bunted short strokes, with no spin, usually done by kids who are a foot taller than the rest. Basically they are not that into tennis, made to do it by the parents, have no long term interest in developing any sort of game, and are very lazy. They make paying the tournament fee a waste of money because they are gone by the 14s and there is no use learning to defeat them when their style is irrelevant past the 12s.

Its the kids who hang in and still hit full out vs these dinks that I would reward. Lets stop being afraid of new ideas and shaking things up. Junior tennis is a mess and not that popular among American kids. Most kids dead end quickly. So ideas such as rewarding a style of play that has a good chance of succeeding long term is a great one.

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