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Wilson Rush Pro Shoe Playtest

Tennis experience/background:
I am a teaching pro and high school coach that plays at a 4.5-5.0 level. I’ve been playing for over 25 years. I’m a former All-State high school player, and Div 3 college player.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley):
I’m an all court player, but I’ve primarily been drilling/practicing at the baseline.

Current shoe:
Prince Rebel 2 (playing) Prince T24 (teaching)

How many hours did you play with the shoe?
18 hours of play, over 20 hours of coaching

Comments on shoe performance:

I found the shoe to be very comfortable. The soft insole was very easy on my feet, but not so cushy that it hindered my speed. I’d say it’s a nice blend of the Babolat SFX (cushion) and the Prince Rebel 2 (Speed).

Arch support: 8/10
The arch was a little far back for my particular foot shape, but not so much that the shoe was uncomfortable. If the arch was a few more millimeters towards the toe, it would have been perfect. I’m fortunate to have a foot shape that is pretty neutral, which a medium arch, so I can wear most shoes comfortably.

Stability/support: 7/10
I found myself sliding slightly in the shoes, both laterally and towards the toe (including a few toe jams early in the test). After some break-in and really tightening up the laces, toe jamming wasn’t a problem. The shoes do give a bit on lateral cuts, but not so much to worry about rolling over.

The venting on the sides of the foot were nice. However, the toe area is usually the hottest area of my feet. The shoes weren’t ovens, but there isn’t much venting in the toe area. I think I would have been uncomfortable playing in these during the summer.

-Sole durability:9/10
I play on fairly slick/fast courts during the winter/early spring, and I’m fairly light on my feet, so the shoes didn’t wear much. The outsoles still look nice.

Toe durability:10/10
I’m not a toe all. The toes of the shoe are still pristine.

Playing on a fast/slick court, I need both traction for taking off, as well as the ability to slide while transitioning from hitting to recovery. These shoes had a nice blend of traction/slide. I would say they slide less than the Rebel 2, but are a little harder than the Gel Res 4.

Coming from the T24, these shoes were plenty light. I didn’t notice a huge difference in comparision to my Rebels (not to say there isn’t one...I just couldn’t feel it while playing).

General reaction/comments on overall performance:
I think this shoe is a pretty solid performer. Aesthetically, it’s one of the better Wilson shoes. In terms of on court performance, I feel pretty locked-in and fast in it. The cushion of the insole is a nice touch.

The only “weird” thing I encountered with this shoes was the occasional “catching” of the material on the inside of the middle of the foot. Sometimes, when the shoe would flex, the outer mesh would get caught on the inner mesh, and create a “click/pop” sound and give a tactile sensation of bumping a ball with the inside of the foot. One a number of occasions, this happened, and I would look down expecting to see a ball rolling away from me on the court. It’s nothing that would keep me from recommending the shoe, but it was distracting.
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