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Just a question or two for you guys. I'm on my first 30lb string job still, and it is full poly. I love the way it plays. I get tons of feel and spin, and it still feels pretty great after quite a few hours of play time (15+?). First, do you guys see heavy notching in your set ups, especially compared to higher tension? I would expect that due to easier string movement, but I didn't expect it to not really affect the playability. Second, been reading a lot about syn gut being even better than poly at ELT, would you agree? If so, what makes it better in your opinion. This seems somewhat counter intuitive, but I'm coming up on a restring soon and have lots of syn gut available. Thanks for the insights so far. This thread has transformed my game!
From my experience...
  • Poly gives me the most spin. I can SWING away as hard as I can...
  • Syngut gives more power then POLY. I do feel it has slightly less spin potential.
  • Syngut Main / Poly Cross gives me less power but more spin.
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